Saturday, November 3, 2012

Say No to Drugs and Yes to Hockey!

This week was Red Ribbon week at school and the girls had to dress up each day.  

We started with favorite team shirts - this was a given at our house!!

Next, crazy hair - got that one covered too!

Addison wanted 14 ponytails since she is #14 in class. She was cold in the picture, not in pain!  Felt like I should clarify.

Wednesday was red day but also Halloween so Addie wore her costume.  We finished out the week with twin day and slippers day but somehow I didn't get pictures of those!  

Friday, we went with our friends the Wantlands to Family Night at the Barons hockey game.  It was super fun, inexpensive and I've never come across such a friendly arena staff!

Go Barons!  (They won too)!!

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