Monday, November 12, 2012

Addison is Casting Her Vote and Losing Her Teeth!

Addison's class really went all out for the Presidential voting.   They had all the kids wear red, white and blue  and they got to cast official votes.  I went to help and when I got to their class they were all marching around the room waving flags and singing It's A Grand Old Flag!  I'm not a political person at all but the enthusiasm was contagious! 

Each student had to show their voter registration card (yes, they actually had cards made with their names and pictures on them!) and then signed by their name.

Then they went to the voting booth to cast their ballot. Seriously, those booths were adorable!

There were two jars, each with a candidate's name and picture in front of it.  They dropped their ballot into the jar they were voting for.  

She proudly wore her I Voted sticker the rest of the day!!

Today I got an email from Addison's teacher, Mrs. Crouch.  She pulled Addie's tooth at school and was worried because she hadn't asked me first.  I reassured her we were thrilled to have it not dangling out of her mouth anymore and that Addie had really wanted to lose it at school anyway!  

She was really excited about the treasure chest she got to keep her tooth in and enjoyed that it was a big deal at school and then she came home and it was a big deal here too!!  Smart girl!

She wanted to keep her tooth so she wrote a note and asked the tooth fairy to leave it and promised to give her all the rest!

Addie Grace, you are so precious and we love getting to celebrate all your special days!  I like you and I love you up to Jesus!!

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